Emirates to Offer Laptop-Handling for US Flights

Last week, US authorities informed media outlets that they would be introducing a ban on large mobile devices being taken onto their aircrafts from airports in the Middle East and North Africa.

As a product of the ban, Emirates have introduced a new handling service for laptops and tables, which will help passengers till take their devices until just before they board their flights to the United States.

Just before they board their craft, passengers will then hand over their laptops and tables to gate staff before boarding. Their mobile devices will be then put onto the aircraft hold until they arrive safely in the USA.

Tim Clark, Emirates’ president, said:

“Our aim is to ensure compliance with the new rules, while minimising disruption to passenger flow and impact on customer experience. Our new complimentary service enables passengers, particularly those flying for business, to have the flexibility to use their devices until the last possible moment. Once onboard they can still stay connected on their mobile phones. Our historical data shows that on Emirates’ US flights, 90% of passengers using our onboard mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity services do so via their smartphones.”