New York Targets £3m Injections to Counter ‘Trump slump’

Popular tourist destination has lowered it’s traveler forecasts for 2017 admit worries that the POTUS travel ban will deter visitors.

After a record breaking 60.7 million visitors in 2016, NYC analysts predicted that it’s arrivals would drop by more than 300,000 at the ITB Berlin Travel Show. Saying that the city was “cautiously optimistic” that its global brand could continue to attract visitors in their droves, but predicted the demand to hit a speed bump after President Trump’s initial elect. Christopher Heywood continued by stating:

“Words matter, because what people are hearing could have an effect on their travel decisions”

To counteract the slump, the city has unveiled that they will be starting a new £3 million advertising campaign to “welcome the world” and remind travelers that the city is “open for business and welcoming visitors”.

After opening in the UK later this month, the campaign will role out across Germany, Spain and Mexico.

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[Source – TTG]